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Lean Administration Green and Black Belt

Based on a worldwide training course for AT & S for the Lean Administration Black Belt, we now offer the training as a certified training together with our partner SystemCERT (ISO 17024 in the non-accredited sector).

Project manager Ronald Frosch at AT & S: "I was very impressed by the importance of statistical methods in the administrative sector. The improvement projects were partially spectacular and included nearly all areas (for example, sales, purchasing, investment, HR, production planning).

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Zertifikat nach ISO 17024 durch SystemCert: "Data Mining Analyst"

Big data - Industry 4.0 - MES (manufacturing execution systems) - What these three concepts bring is an ever stronger network of system elements and systems and thus the generation of incredible data sets. The analysis of these amounts of data poses new challenges to companies and requires special statistical methods. 

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