Purchase and Supplier Management

Analysis and Optimization of Purchasing Processes

We design and analyze your processes within the purchasing department. We are always guided by measurable and practice-oriented success criteria, which lead to lean and robust processes that also meet all requirements of quality management and legal requirements.

Supplier management and Supplier development

Through our orientation as a specialist on the interface of purchasing and quality, we can effectively support you in the field of supplier management. Starting with the development of a professional supplier evaluation system to operational support in supplier workshops or targeted supplier development through to interim management, you benefit from our experience. We also assist you in the introduction of computerized systems for supplier classification, supplier communication and supplier control.
Supplier and delivery failures, supply shortages, transportation and quality issues cause billions of dollars’ worth of damage every year. In a globally networked supply chain with complex products, there are many risks that can threaten the economic success of a company or even jeopardize its existence. Starting with the market analysis over to the development of a sustainable purchasing strategy up to a professional supplier management you will acquire the knowledge for the professional design of the purchase and the supply chain in our trainings.

  • Material group and supplier management

  • Supply-Risk-Management

  • Basics Costs and Costing


Negotiate successfully

With more than 20 years of experience, we support you in all important phases of your purchasing negotiations. From targeted negotiation preparation, the development of an effective negotiation strategy to the negotiation and securing of results, we offer you a wide range of proven and innovative methods and tools that effectively improve your purchasing results. Since we believe in the quality of our work, we offer you compensation models where you only pay when we achieve the promised results.
By targeting competition and choosing innovative awarding methods (such as auctions), we help our clients improve their negotiation results while saving time and money. In addition to various auction models, we also hold human bidding and vendor competitions. Even in difficult markets, we can regularly achieve high levels of success and savings.
In our negotiation training you will learn how to successfully negotiate. Starting with the right preparation over to the professional implementation to the effective securing of results. You benefit from the expert knowledge of our experienced trainers and from the exciting work on original cases from our own practice.

  • Negotiate the Fundamentals / Negotiate I

  • Negotiate for Advanced / Negotiate II

  • Negotiate in the team

  • Intercultural negotiation

  • Purchase negotiations for non-purchasers

  • Life-Coaching in Negotiations

  • Professional Program Negotiate

  • Negotiate 2.0: Innovative Awarding Methods

  • Purchasing meets Sales

Cost & Technic in Supplier management

Costs and Technique

The linear performance pricing analysis is a proven tool for the targeted and effective identification of potential savings. We have extensive experience in conducting the analysis and in the preparation and implementation of the savings potential. In joint projects, our customers implement the necessary tools and learn to master the methodology in practice.
In our trainings we provide all cost-relevant topics in purchasing and product development. Not only will you learn how to design product value workshops and cost analyzes with suppliers, but also how to raise the cost potential in product development. Our experienced trainers explain the appropriate methods such as target costing and design to cost based on real-life examples - the corresponding tools and templates are provided free of charge.

  • Product value creation / value analysis

  • Target-Costing and Design to Cost

  • LPP - Linear Price Performance Analysis


Our lawyers assist you in developing and improving your contracts and contract management. We advise you professionally and result-oriented, even with very complicated contract matters and in international business relations. We have special expertise in the area of avoidance and defense against unjustified claims (anti-claim management). We also have extensive experience in designing internal rules and regulations for purchasing (for example, compliance regulations).
In our training, legal knowledge is taught in a compact and understandable way, this makes knowledge directly applicable in daily practice. Experienced lawyers explain the most important tips and tricks on topics such as contract law, product liability and "claiming ". Absolutely practical and characterized by concrete benefits, the participants work on the solution of real legal cases from their day-to-day business.

  • Basic seminar law for purchasers

  • Product liability

  • Case study seminar Law

  • Claiming and Anti-Claim-Management

News, Events & Practical Reports

Am 03.10.2019 findet dieses Jahr unser 15. Herbstkongress im CCD Donawitz statt!

Am 03.10.2019 findet unserer diesjähriger Herbstkongress im CCD Donawitz statt!

Unser Herbstkongress vom 03.10.2018 war ein voller Erfolg!

Basierend auf einem weltweit durchgeführten Training für AT&S zum Thema Six Sigma Black Belt, Vertiefung Lean Administration bieten wir dieses Training nun auch als zertifizierte Ausbildung gemeinsam mit unserem Partner SystemCERT an.

Big data – Industrie 4.0 – MES (manufacturing execution systeme) – Was diese drei Begriffe mit sich bringen ist eine immer stärkere Vernetzung von Systemelementen und Systemen.

Unsere Kunden stehen vor der Herausforderung, sich strategisch an die neue digitale Realität anzupassen, darauf basierend das Unternehmen neu auszurichten.

Im Herbst 2019 finden in Kooperation mit dankl + partner in Salzburg die Lehrgänge TPM Moderator und TPM Meister statt.