Leadership & Agile Transformation

Leadership and Agile Transformation

Leadership through successfactory

The environment for companies is becoming more dynamic, more complex and thus increasingly challenging for executives (keyword VUCA = Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, Ambiguity). A person alone is no longer in a position to make the right decisions - it is increasingly important to use the creative and intellectual potential of all people in a company. Leadership is being redefined and that often means a significant change in culture.

Agile Coaching

Agility in the sense of vitality and maneuverability is an answer to insisting on an environment of high volatility, uncertainty and complexity. Agility is about quickly and correctly perceiving change, making quick and good decisions - at the core of good leadership, but with a high level of dynamism and a high degree of personal responsibility.
The agile manifesto as a common denominator of all agile approaches brings the necessary cultural change to the point:

  • Individuals and interactions take precedence over processes and tools.

  • Functional products have priority over extensive documentation.

  • Cooperation with the customer takes precedence over contract negotiations.

  • Addressing changes has priority over strict schedule tracking.

Agility thus means completely redefining working methods and roles - the professional accompaniment of this change is essential. Our highly experienced coaches accompany you in the transformation of a classic organizational form into agile structures through training, coaching and on-site consulting - with a lot of passion, empathy and appreciation for people.


Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe)

The Scaled Agile Framework for Lean Enterprises (abbreviation: SAFe) is an extensive descriptive framework to enable lean and agile work at the team, program, and portfolio levels. This makes "agility" manageable for larger projects and organizations. This scaling is based on the needs of each company and the experience and size of the agile teams.

After having been involved in consulting for more than 20 years, we are fundamentally critical of the so-called "fashion waves". Nevertheless, we examine such concepts, identify the consistent core of them, to introduce them in a pragmatic way. Here we are guided by the premise: good is what works. Of all the concepts, the SAFe convinced us the most, and we are therefore proud to be able to offer not only appropriate consulting, but also the officially recognized training courses.

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Leadership Workshops and Trainings

For the success of the leadership, basic technical training, methodical and analytical skills as well as social skills are absolutely necessary. Through workshops, special leadership training and coaching, we support organizations in the professionalization of leadership skills and leadership culture.

This is how the term leadership comes to life, you acquire skills and get to know both classic and agile methods, how to inspire employees through values, visions and goals and how to motivate and lead them to goal-oriented action and team work.

In addition to these leadership methods, in our training courses you will also get to know approaches from executive coaching in order to reflect your own leadership behavior and to consciously develop it further.

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Am 03.10.2019 findet dieses Jahr unser 15. Herbstkongress im CCD Donawitz statt!

Am 03.10.2019 findet unserer diesjähriger Herbstkongress im CCD Donawitz statt!

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At our autumn congress, Dr. Martin Hurich held a presentation on agility and built-in quality at Robert Bosch GmbH.

Unser Herbstkongress vom 03.10.2018 war ein voller Erfolg!

Unsere Kunden stehen vor der Herausforderung, sich strategisch an die neue digitale Realität anzupassen, darauf basierend das Unternehmen neu auszurichten.