successfactory is a consulting firm offering a portfolio of consulting, coaching and training to improve technology-oriented manufacturing and service companies. According to our slogan "move to improve", we provide our customers with an excellent position in the market with the help of our services and products. Practical relevance, implementation orientation and sustainability shape our thinking and acting. We measure our success by demonstrable results and long-term customer benefits. For this we use the experience from more than 15 years of our company history.


News & Events

Move to improve: Let us grow together!

Zu seinem 10-jährigen Jubiläum als Top-Assessor bei qualityaustria fungierte er neben 43 anderen AssessorInnen als Co-Autor.

Am 27. und 28. März 2019 findet erstmalig in Leoben ein Leading SAFe Training statt!

Unser Kunde, Infineon, gewinnt den EFQM Global Excellence Award!!! Wir gratulieren recht herzlich!

Unser Herbstkongress vom 03.10.2018 war ein voller Erfolg!

In Leoben findet von 22.-24. Jänner 2019 unser Lehrgang zum Auditor 1st party statt!